Nicola Solomou

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Instrument/Specialty: Voice

Although a fresh new face in the local Sydney music scene, Nicola (artist name: nik.) has been an accomplished musician, singing instructor and performer for over two decades. Singing has always provided nik. with another expansive dimension: not only to escape from and process the realities and challenges of everyday life; but more importantly, as a creative space to adventure through, in discovering more and more who she is as a singer, and as an individual. nik. has an authentic, soulful tone and an intense passion in the way she creates, teaches and performs. nik. has extensive skills singing and teaching a number of styles, genres and techniques, the most prominent of which, being contemporary, musical, jazz, and soul.

Nicola’s unique teaching approach is informed by a theoretical knowledge of vocal pedagogy and technique. Nicola has continually developed her approach to music education, through years of practice and training, which is always underpinned by two equally important principles: the personalised needs of the student as an individual (no matter their age), and the belief in the necessity of understanding and learning how to use the voice (and breathing) effectively and healthily as an instrument. Additionally, Nicola strives to facilitate a positive learning environment for all students, encouraging them to not only develop their musicianship, techniques, creativity, diligence and discipline, but furthermore, discover and progress into whatever avenues and goals they wish to achieve musically and personally.

Nicola’s passion for music education, and her deep appreciation for ‘feeling’ driving creativity and artistry, is also a fundamental element Nicola shares with her students, encompassed in her holistic educational approach for each and every student. Nicola strongly believes in the process of peripatetic learning as an invaluable and enriching addition to a budding or advanced singer’s self-growth, both as a musician and an accomplished individual.